Hire Price List

Superior Light Weight Gray Prince Of Wales Three Piece Morning Suit £175.00
Superior Light Weight Plain Black Three Piece Morning Suit £175.00
Black Herringbone Three Piece Superior Light Weight Morning Suit (With satin trim) £175.00
Charcoal Grey Three Piece Superior Light Weight Herringbone Morning Suit £175.00
Traditional Black Herringbone Medium Weight Three Piece Morning Suit £129.00
Black and Grey Top Hat £50.00
Black Two Piece Dinner Suit £99.95
Waistcoat* £49.95
Silk Cravat £9.95
*Minimum of six if hired without a suit or jacket
neal and palmer

Conditions of Hire

  1. All goods that are hired to our customers are on the understanding that they will be returned in an undamaged condition, also that the customer will be held responsible for and indemnify us against any loss or damage of our stock whilst on hire.
  2. Customers are advised to immediately check all hired goods on receipt, to ensure they are complete: correct sizing, good condition and correct items hired.
  3. Please note Neal & Palmer and its staff will not be held liable for any loss sustained that could have been avoidable in compliance to the above and any loss of profit, indirect or consequential loss suffered by the customer.
  4. A security deposit will be required to the total value of the hire. (This is only chargeable on the event of any items being lost or damaged).
  5. Sadly we cannot refund your hire cost in the event of a cancellation. We strongly recommend all customers check there insurance cover.
  6. All hired items must be immediately returned by 2pm the Monday following wear.
  7. Any returns that are overdue after the return date stated on the original hire agreement, will incur a charge at a rate of £10 per day.
  8. We cannot accept any responsibility for incorrect sizes provided by a customer, unless fitted at Neal & Palmer by a member of staff.